Monday, December 30, 2002; Page C05 

Southside Johnny And the Asbury Jukes
Southside Johnny Lyon sang as if there were no tomorrow at the Rams Head in Annapolis on Saturday night. His voice, with its trademark Jersey Shore barroom rasp, appeared flat-out exhausted by the time he and the Asbury Jukes concluded a two-hour show with a series of exuberant, crazy-quilted encores. How often do you hear a soul band abruptly segue from the Beach Boys to the Clash?

One song Lyon didn't sing was Sam Cooke's "Having a Party," a Jukes concert staple, but perhaps only because he didn't want to belabor the obvious after performing a bottle-hoisting reprise of "Tequila" or listening to the packed house raggedly harmonize "The Fever" and "I Don't Want to Go Home." Several of the songs Lyon performed have been in his repertoire for more than 20 years. But if he has grown tired of singing them, you'd never know it listening to his go-for-broke vocals or watching him jerk and jump around onstage, as if buffeted by the wind power emanating from the Jukes' horn section and the forceful rhythms sustained by drummer Louie Appel.

Mixed in with the vintage tunes were songs from the eight-piece band's new album, "Going to Jukesville," including a terrific version of Lyon's "Passion Street" that was reserved for the encores. New Orleans R&B and Chicago blues played a role in the show as well, the latter frequently emblazoned by guitarist Bobby Bandiera's scorching tone.

-- Mike Joyce