In 1992,while at the NAMM show, I was on a mission to find the best made drums. After hearing and seeing MANY drums, major manufactures and custom kits, I was lucky to find GMS. These drums sounded awesome. Rob Mazzella and Tony Gallino take time and pride in everything that goes out their door. The lugs on the Grand Master Series are machined from solid brass blocks, assembled, and then polished in their factory. The bearing edges are all cut and checked by Tony. I could go on about the custom paint for days. Dave is one of the best in the business. After 11 years with this company, I still use my first kit from them on the road. I think that says it all.

Research and development is the key with this company. What they have done, in the last 5 years alone, still staggers me. The EQ Bass drum series sound great on all kick drums. The ST series snare heads with the dry vents are a stroke of genius and what I use for live work. In the studio I use a Power Center Reverse Dot on my snare batter side with a Hazy 300 on the bottom. I depend on my drums to sound a certain way and Evans comes through every time.

The Zildjian family moved on to make another great cymbal line. From Sizzle Hats to HH Chinas, the spectrum of sounds they create suit many of today’s players and music. I use many of their specialty cymbals. The Bozzio bells and the medium Glennie’s garbage have been used many times to the producer(s) delight for something new. I feel very fortunate to be a Sabian artist.

I have been with Vater for 15 years. Their product is the most consistent on the market. Alan Vater and John Dawkes listen to what drummers need and Ronnie Vater invents the machine to make it. It’s that simple. Good Wood….Perfected. Great sticks made by great guys.

Tambourines and Egg shakers are the most used instruments in my overdub life. It’s a piece of history just to see the first tambourine Richard Tannebaum started this company on. He is always working on new products. Shakers and bells, eggs and wood blocks………….I use them all.

DW is the king. They are hands down the best hardware on the market as far as I’m concerned. They travel well and no matter how much of a beating they get…They Always Work! The Delta II Pedals rock hard as well. DW is always looking for the next wave of Quality Performance. From the Delta Hinge to the Dog Bone the set-ups are limitless. John Good and Garrison are right there with DW.